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Civic City – Civic Design

Latest addition : 2 May 2012.

“Civic Design” as postgraduate program is focused on the question of design as qualification criteria of civic space. It unifies different disciplines as architects, urban designers, designers, graphic designers, sociologists and politicians and is leaded by Ruedi Baur and Vera Baur-Kockot.

In this second edition the CAS proposes 2 topics, “Hyperproximity. Space and design in local democracy.” or “Multilingual typography and public space.”, the student/researcher will follow and intensify one of the topics during a year through 3 day seminars and 4 one week workshops per topic abroad (Sofia, Cairo, Marseille, Barcelona, etc).

Teaching staff
Ruedi Baur, head of the programme
Vera Baur-Kockot, Ulrike Felsing, Marco Maione, Sébastien Thiery, Imke Plinta, Haytham Adel Nawar, Emiliano Gandolfi, Miguel Robles-Duran, Christine Breton, Jordi Cano, Martin Jann, Elisabeth Blum … and others.

Qualification awarded
Certificate of Advanced Studies (20 ECTS)

2 semesters

2250 CHF per semester

Deadline for applications
July 6, 2012

Imke Plinta:

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Download the document HEAD_Civic City_2012/2013 (PDF - 439.8 kb)

Communiqué de presse / Press release / Medienmitteilung

Ruedi Baur rejoint la Head – Genève pour diriger le CAS Civic City - Design (PDF - 152 kb)
Ruedi Baur is joining Head – Genève and takes the lead of the CAS Civic City - Civic Design (PDF - 150.4 kb)
Ruedi Baur kommt ans Head – Genève und übernimmt die Leitung der CAS Civic City – Civic Design (PDF - 152.8 kb)