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Latest addition : 12 November 2013.

The Cinema/cinéma du réel curriculum is organised into six semesters over three years. Each year is placed under the educational leadership of a filmmaker, a theorist and an assistant, under the general responsibility of the Head of Department.

1st year: looking and listening for an auditory and visual exploration of different spaces. First recorded sounds, first images conceived, from photography to film. First texts, editing and shooting. The body in space, the actor in natural and artificial light. Film workshop with a renowned filmmaker. A television documentary. First “real short film” shot in 16mm Bolex.

2nd year: from writing to editing, from filming to mixing. Film workshop with a team of professionals to assist the students left to rely on their own savoir-faire. Casting, directing actors, documentary approaches to the real, the construction of narrative. Workshop with an artist to enrich the relationships between film, visual arts and the practices of display. Cinematic writing, how “to write” a film project. A Great Journey outside the Swiss cantons for short films in search of other realities.

3rd year: the Diploma film involves a series of workshops, ranging from scriptwriting or documentary step outline to casting and directing actors, from finding locations to cutting, while furthering understanding of the cinéma du réel and of the essay and while seeking the most individual writing possible to create a film closest to the student’s desires and ambitions. Writing of the Bachelors dissertation, theoretical work dialoguing with the film work.

Throughout the curriculum, there are courses devoted to the economics of cinema, the questions of funding and the establishment of production records.

The three years of the Bachelors course are designed to interrelate closely with the theoretical courses. The poetics of authors, and the aesthetics of the cinema are questioned. A new history of the cinéma du réel is developed. Philosophy in relation to the cinema, studying works and genres in their actuality. A consideration of the contemporary audiovisual domain is interspersed with lectures and debates.

Professors in charge of the bachelor program : Cyril Neyrat (Year 1), Michel Favre (Year 2), Séverine Cornamusaz et Bruno Ulmer (Year 3)

Theory: Cyril Neyrat, Bertrand Bacqué et Daniel Schweizer (Years 1, 2 et 3)

Tutors of the bachelor program : lAude Py et Laurent Nègre

Assistants : Céline Ameslon, Marion Neumann, Sandra Ferrara

Lecturers : Mathieu Amalric, Séverine Barde, Harun Farocki, Patricio Guzman, Joana Hadjithomas et Khalil Joreige, Abbas Kiarostami, Thomas Krempke, Stéphane Kuthy, Lech Kowalski, Michel Langlois, Fernand Melgar, Antoni Muntadas, Francis Reusser, Allan Sekula, Béla Tarr, Frederick Wiseman, Erik Zonca, ...

ADMISSIONS 2014-2015

Admission requirements, procedures and application forms are available under Inscription en ligne

Admission in 1st year:
Registration for entrance examination: from 15 November 2013 to 21 March 2014
Interviews: 14 - 17 April 2014

Admission by equivalence in years 2 and 3:
Registration for entrance examination : from 15 November 2013 to 21 March 2014
Interview : from 14 to 17 April 2014

Start of the academic year: 15 September 2014

Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Arts HES-SO in Fine Arts, major Cinema

Cost of studies: CHF 500.- per semester

Download the document HEAD_BA_MA_Cinema_2012 (PDF - 498.2 kb)


119 Plan études BA AV Cinéma 11-12 (PDF - 102.4 kb)

Semestre B1
OA7010 - Cinéma 1 (PDF - 65.6 kb)
FT3008 - Histoire générale du cinéma 1 (PDF - 67.2 kb)
FT3110 - Esthétique du cinéma 1 (PDF - 66.7 kb)
FT3210 - Esthétique du cinéma 2 (PDF - 65.7 kb)
FT3310 - Economie du cinéma 1 (PDF - 64.9 kb)

Semestre B2
OA7110 - Cinéma 2 (PDF - 64.8 kb)
FT4007 - Histoire générale du cinéma 2 (PDF - 67.2 kb)
FT4110 - Esthétique du cinéma 3 (PDF - 67.7 kb)
FT4210 - Esthétique du cinéma 4 (PDF - 65.7 kb)
FT4310 - Economie du cinéma 2 (PDF - 64.9 kb)

Semestre B3
OA7210 - Cinéma 3 (PDF - 65.9 kb)
OA7710 - Suivi technique_théorique A (PDF - 64.2 kb)
FT3410 - Cinéma théorie 1 (PDF - 67.3 kb)
1 libre théorique à choix

Semestre B4
OA7310 - Cinéma 4 (PDF - 64.7 kb)
OA7810 - Suivi technique_théorique B (PDF - 64.3 kb)
FT4410 - Cinéma théorie 2 (PDF - 67.4 kb)
1 libre théorique à choix

Semestre B5
OA7410 - Cinéma 5 (PDF - 64.2 kb)
OA7910 - Suivi technique_théorique C (PDF - 68.3 kb)
FT3510 - Economie du cinéma 3 (PDF - 65 kb)
1 libre théorique à choix

Semestre B6

OA9010 - Suivi technique_théorique D (PDF - 68.4 kb)
FT4510 - Economie du cinéma 4 (PDF - 65.1 kb)
1 libre théorique à choix