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Bravo à Laura Couto Rosado, alumni Master Media Design 2013, Grand Prix de la Design Parade à la Villa Noailles à Hyères! lire

Monday 7 July 2014

Interaction Design – Information Design – Electronic publishing – Mobile Media

The dissemination of digital technologies and their diverse uses modify design production practices and research and make it possible to discover new fields of application. Design and interactivity thus contribute jointly and significantly to the evolution of the forms, objects, messages and services that characterise the era of technoculture.

At the intersection between creation, the media and innovation, the Masters in Media Design offers a field of experimentation favouring the development of projects in the areas of interaction design, information design, network communication, games, electronic publishing and the design of mobile media.

This programme is addressed to Swiss and international students and young professionals involved in visual communication, interactive design, computing or related disciplines.

The training combines the approaches to design, tools and expressive potential of emerging technologies with the practice of design. After an introductory workshop, the programme alternates theoretical seminars, courses and work led by internationally renowned contributors. During the first year, students acquire specific expertise in interactive design and establish an individual and prospective approach that they develop over the course of the second year, mainly devoted to the theoretical and practical work of the Masters thesis.

The studio project involves the acquisition of design processing skills, creation orientated techniques (electronics and programming languages, prototyping, modelling, animation) and enhanced understanding of digital history and culture, permitting a critical and realistic approach to this domain.

On completion of their studies, graduating students can become media and interactive designers, working freelance, in multimedia communication agencies or within structures active in the creative industries or in innovation.

Professors, Head of Programme : Daniel Sciboz (Geneva)

Professors / Visiting Professors / Lecturers : James Auger & Jimmy Loizeau (Auger-Loizeau, London), Laurent Bolli (Lausanne), Earlwyn Covington (Paris), Dominique Cunin (Paris), Vera-Maria Glahn & Marcus Wendt (Field, London), Nicholas Haagensen (Trivial Mass Production, Lausanne), Frédéric Kaplan (Lausanne), Lysianne Léchot Hirt (Geneva), Alexandra Midal (Paris), Etienne Mineur (Paris), Nicolas Nova (Near Future Laboratory, Geneva), Julian Oliver (Berlin), Daniel Pinkas (Geneva), Pascal Rousseau (Paris), Camille Scherrer (Lausanne), Annelore Schneider (Geneva/London), Douglas Edric Stanley (Aix-en-Provence)


The teaching is organised into three types of modules:
1. A studio/laboratory, devoted to specific areas of teaching and to carrying out a digital design project (30 ECTS)
2. Optional theoretical and technical classes (30 ECTS)
3. A theoretical and practical Masters thesis (30 ECTS)

Teaching Language: French with additional contributions in English

Duration: Four semesters, September 2013 – June 2015

Credits: 90 ECTS Qualification awarded: Master of Arts HES-SO in Design, major Media Design

Cost of studies: 500 Swiss francs per semester

ADMISSIONS 2014-2015

Required qualifications: Higher education Bachelors degree (HES, Higher education college or university) or equivalent training

Admission requirements, procedures and application forms are available at Inscription en ligne

Deadline for application: 15 November 2013 - 28 March 2014
Interviews: from 28 to 30 April and 2nd May 2014
Start of the academic year: 15 September 2014


Modules optionnels communs aux orientations Espaces et communication et Media Design

Modules communs Head - Ecal


Modules optionnels communs aux orientations Espaces et communication et Media Design

Modules communs Head - Ecal


Modules optionnels communs aux orientations Espaces et communication et Media Design

Modules communs Head - Ecal


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