Bachelor in Interior Design
Collective Domesticity
Atelier Line Fontana. HEAD-AI'ID, 2017

Interior spaces today are laboratories of modernity. Whether it is through renovation projects, commercial spaces or art installations, interiors have become an endless arena for experimenting with cultural, social and political agendas that transform the contemporary condition from within. The Bachelor in Interior Architecture at HEAD-Geneva is a 3-year undergraduate programme that prepares students for a professional career in interior design through advanced technical training, extensive design practice and a contemporary humanistic education. The programme combines project studios on contemporary domains (domestic, retail and work spaces, temporary exhibitions, scenography design) with theory modules (history, theory of architecture and design) and technical courses (professional practice, digital and analogue representation, construction and materiality, product design, energy performance and sustainability). In doing so, it trains students in all aspects of the design process in interior architecture. One of the unique qualities of the Bachelor programme is the constant interaction with reality: students regularly work on real projects in order for them to be trained in all the inherent conceptual, technical and administrative facets of the discipline, naturally progressing in the competences of the interior design profession and adopting a proactive position on the role of interior architecture in the construction of contemporary cities and societies.

Study plan and detailed courses – in French (HEAD website)

Shop window Aesop, Geneva
Workshop Nicolas Perrottet. HEAD-AI'ID, 2018
IN MY HEAD, Salone del Mobile Milano 2018
Atelier Simon Husslein. HEAD-AI'ID, 2018