Thierry Buache

Thierry Buache obtained his Bachelor of Architecture degree from EPFL in 2013 after studying with Dieter Dietz, Franz Graf, Sylvie Pfahler & Jeanne Della Casa. From 2013 to 2014, he worked at the Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectosstudio in Mexico City, and from 2014 to 2015 in Geneva, with ar-ter, an architecture-territory studio. He continued to study the preservation and reuse of existing buildings and received a Master’s degree in Architecture from EPFL in 2017. His Master Project, entitled “La STEP d’Aïre, a new place for artistic creation and dissemination in Geneva“, was awarded the 2017 SIA Prize and the 2017 B&G Ingénieurs Prize for sustainable development. Thierry was appointed by HEAD as assistant for the Interior Design course in 2017, while at the same time working as an independent architect and conducting research into the relationship between art, design and architecture, using the experimental platform of the PLANS/group in Geneva.