HEAD–AI’ID <small>x</small> Aesop 2019
Geneva, Zurich, Bern, 01.03.19 - 25.05.19 Workshop

Aesop has decided to collaborate for the third year in a row with HEAD students to develop the windows of its Geneva boutique and for the creation of an installation that will be presented in Globus department stores in Zurich and Bern.

Occupé à habiter
Geneva, 15.09.18 - 15.01.19 Atelier

The Studio “Program and Heritage” focuses on architectural intervention in the existing housing structure. This semester, under the title “Occupé à habiter” (Busy to live), students analyzed a particular case of living together, namely squats between 1980 and 2010 in Geneva. By crossing historical archives and artistic glances, they have restored and reinterpreted squats’ interior spaces. Their approach allowed them to highlight the architectural features of the appropriation of an interior heritage.

Interior Landscape: UNIGE
Geneva, 15.09.18 - 15.01.19 Atelier

The “Interior Landscape” studio looked this semester at the renovation of the hall of the Faculty of Sciences – University of Geneva. The entrance hall aims to become the new core of the building and students should design an attractive, modern and friendly reception area.

Energy and Climate: Anthropocene style
Geneva, 15.09.18 - 15.01.19 Atelier

The studio explores the definition of a new decorative art, resulting from the climate change. Until the invention of central heating and air conditioning, at the beginning of the 20th century, interior decoration, with its curtains, screens, carpets, paneling or tapestries, played a major role in the regulation of interiors’ spaces comfort, facing cold winter or hot summer.

Space and Representation : Scènes de nuit
Geneva, 15.09.18 - 15.01.19 Atelier

The studio Space and Representation is interested in space and its representation: each space a has a place, each place has a scene. This semester students have reconstructed night scenes from ordinary spaces of our collective memory. Each group received a reference image in the form of a fragment and a scale of construction.

Designers’ Saturday : #LOOSLAB
Langenthal, 02.11.18 - 04.12.18 Event

Taking part in Designers’ Saturday, the HEAD – Genève offers an experience between reality and illusion, the #LOOSLAB. Inspired by Adolf Loos, Austrian architect and author of the manifesto Ornament and Crime, the students of the Department of Interior Architecture invite to a reflection on image culture.

Introduction Week – PUB
Geneva, 17.09.18 - 21.09.18 Workshop

During the Introduction Week, students from each level of the three-year interior architecture course took part in a workshop that used Geneva’s public spaces as its study area.

IN MY HEAD, Salone Internazionale del Mobile
Milano, 17.04.18 - 22.04.18 Event

The IN MY HEAD exhibition invites the audience into a 250-square-metre wonderland entirely dedicated to HEAD – Genève, providing insight into the world of the people who work and study at the Geneva School of Art and Design through an immersive maze of rooms.

HEAD–AI’ID <small>x</small> Aesop 2018
Bern, Geneva, 25.02.18 Workshop

In the Aesop workshop, HEAD students were invited to design and build two Swiss shop display windows in Bern and Geneva. For a week, 18 students of Interior Architecture, Product Design, Jewellery and Accessories, Visual Communication and Master courses in Space and Communication at HEAD thought up a number of projects before actually designing the two windows.

HEAD won Solar Decathlon Challenge
Denver, 12.10.17 Event

The Swiss team and their solar house, the NeighborHub, won the prestigious Solar Decathlon 2017 competition in the Unites States. The Swiss Living Challenge and its multidisciplinary team – 4 schools, 250 students, 150 supervisors from the professional and academic sectors, and close to 50 sponsors – culminated with the highest award. This unique experience is not only an important victory, but also an unforgettable and educational human adventure.

“Aux Mille Pins”
Geneva, 28.09.17

The workshop “Space design & retail design” offers an immersion in the ritual universe of the art of Japanese tea. The sensory aspect assumes great importance here, through taste, touch and smell, but also through vision and hearing. How can we exalt all senses, multiply them and transcend them? How to create a polysensory interactivity and a new tasting gesture? The idea is to rediscover tea in an innovative and astonishing way.

La Part du Rêve
Geneva, 13.03.17

In order to continue the research developed during the last inaugural week, this workshop aims to finalize the construction of a micro speakeasy of 20m2 at the back of a fridge door located at the restaurant Bleu-nuit in Geneva.

Atelier Process
Geneva, 28.02.17

For this semester project, the students tried to address the questions asked by the meeting of different lifestyles and their architecture. They dealt with housing issues by working on a large common matrix. Thus, they were able to work on a series of relations between common spaces, circulations and the inhabitants.

HEAD–AI’ID <small>x</small> USM : A Breathing Grid
Langenthal, 13.11.16

The iconic Swiss furniture brand USM invited the Interior Architecture Department of HEAD – Genève to design its entire stand for the Designers’ Saturday event, which took place on 5 and 6 November 2016 in Langenthal. To this end, students worked with only two modular elements, the essence of USM furniture: spheres and pipes. Students designed a “living” grid, candlesticks and a table with vases, to reinterpret the USM brand in a playful and organic way.

HEAD–AI’ID <small>x</small> TEDGlobal
Geneva, 20.12.15 Event

As part of ” the week of all is possible” (26-30 October 2015 ), 18 HEAD students worked with Youri Kravtcheno and Lawrence Breitling, EPFL architects and professors from HEAD, on the realization of a concept for the scenography the TEDGlobal conference. The students, mostly from the Bachelor Interior Design, but also Master Space and Communication, Bachelor Visual Communication and Jewellery Design have had a week to develop a Moodboard. The Moodboard is the conceptual basis of the scenography for TEDGlobal conference, held at the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices in Geneva on 8 December 2015. After stopping concept, the final structure will be carried out GALTA collective, composed of former students the HEAD. Students will be involved in project development and in the assembly.

Celebrating USM with Teo Jakob
Geneva , 16.02.15
2015 coincides with the 50th anniversary of USM. The company Teo Jakob suggested a workshop at HEAD focused on the timeless appearance of the developed modular system from 1965. The modularity and the product geometrical aspect allows a wide range of opportunities in artistic structures and open the door on monumental works.

Conversation Pieces, Salone Internazionale Del Mobile
Milano, 08.04.14 - 13.04.14 Event

Conversation Pieces, an apartment designed entirely by students, gets its name from the English term centrepieces, the decorative arrangements dating back to the Renaissance that are placed on ceremonial tables to generate a conversational topic for guests. Beyond its functional utility, could design also be used for debate?