28 Jan. 2017
→ 16.03.17


Lepidoptera Lodge, curated by Yann Chateigné at the Camden Arts Center, London

In the Face of Overwhelming Forces, an exhibition by Danish artist Joachim Koester, transforms the galleries of the Camden Arts Center in London with an immersive installation comprising 16mm film projection, digital video, photography and audio works. Collectively, they span the last 12 years of his practice, revealing wide-ranging fascinations held together by a persistent enquiry into the boundaries of apparent reality and a quest to uncover hidden aspects of perception.


Koester has invited  Yann Chateigné Tytelman, a writer, historian and Dean of the Visual Arts Department at HEAD – Genève, to share with him one of his current research, that he develops in cooperation with a group of students of the Work.Master program, and to select and arrange works and documents for the Reading Room. Chateigné Tytelman’s choices expand on themes evident in the exhibition such as animal aesthetics, insects and plants as well as ideas around animal mimicry and the performative body. The display, titled Lepidoptera Lodge, will be on show for the duration of the exhibition.

In collaboration with Geneva School of Art and Design / Work.Master. Contemporary Artistic Practices program.