5 Oct. 2014
→ 21.11.14


Pauline Beaudemont à SALTS, Birsfelden

Pauline Beaudemont
L’Age d’or

For her first solo exhibition in Switzerland, Pauline Beaudemont presents new and existing works exploring the afterlives of iconic buildings of 20th-century architecture in popular culture. To this end, she has built an environment inspired by a fictional Hollywood character; it could be the house of a forgotten starlet or a ruthless producer. This imaginary environment epitomises Beaudemont’s longstanding interest in modernist architecture and popular culture. Testing the limits of good taste, it allows the artist to challenge the relationship between form and function in the objects that make modern life possible.

5 October — 21 November 2014

Hauptstrasse 12
4127 Birsfelden BL