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REHAB de Tobias Kaspar et les étudiants du Work.Master

REHAB, Tobias Kaspar (ed.), 2015
CHF 18


In recent years the role of the art school has moved to a position of prominence, pushed there by the encroachments of an aggressive marketplace and the professionalization of every aspect of the artworld, from the dominance of gallery and museum brands, to the cultural tourism of art fairs and biennials, to today’s art itself now so often created precisely for the scale, spectacle, and capitalization of these events. To whom should the academy be responsible ?… Should the art school be a research center that enlightens conceptual practices while de-emphasizing skills, or a course of study in entrepreneurship, presentation, strategic thinking, and other matters to prepare young artists for the ruthlessness of the market ? Or is art school in the 21st century simply the physical surrogate of (…)

—Steven Henry Madoff

In response to HEAD Geneva’s invitation to hold a class at its MFA, Tobias Kaspar initiated the program RME (Roommate Education) which dealt with issues of how to question work conventions and one’s own enforcement of these. RME took place between 2013 and 2015 as part of the Work.Master program at HEAD Geneva. RME consisted consisted amongst other of visits to various places within Geneva, Switzerland : visits to museums, cafes, restaurants, hotels, brothels, cinemas and other institutions. Most of the time the visits were accompanied by an instructor or in-house professional giving a tour or introduction: In and out: From one institution to the other…

This book has been conceived as an extension of RME and its blog by : Bianca Benenti, Denise Bertschi, Isaac Contreras, Ashley Cook, Diego De Atucha, Ravi Govender, Paul Guian, Gitte Hendrikx, Sarah Margnetti, Irene Muñoz, Philip Pilekjær, Juliette Russbach, Seyoung Yoon, and is an indirect result of Tobias Kaspar’s program RME (Roommate Education) ran from 2013 to 2015 at the Master of Fine Arts at HEAD Geneva.

Compiled by Bianca Benenti, Denise Bertschi, Ashley Cook, Isaac Contreras, Philip Pilekjær, Seyoung Yoon
Edited by Géraldine Beck
Designed by Julien Tavelli
Published by Tobias Kaspar
Distributed by BECKBOOKS


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