Simon Senn

Bachelor 2010

Through image capturing implements, Simon Senn explores different behaviors provoked by miscellaneous types of looks. These implements make complex interactions inside groups appear. Volunteers are gathered in a chosen setting, where these people act and react, within prescribed guidelines. That way, they are driven back to the role of image hunters, and/or reduced to the role of objects, stalked by the look of others. These people are provided with means of recording – video cameras and/or photo cameras-, to evolve in these situations. The use of these means is a trigger that provokes, by the act of being filmed and/or filming others, specific behaviors. The captured looks decline between the want to seduce and exhibitionism, the temptation to try oneself as a voyeur and to take pleasure in it, the necessity to protect one self from the look of others which could undermine ones integrity.

By doing so, Simon Senn points out behavioral patterns and cultural interactions through which people build themselves, in their interactions with themselves, others, and the media environment. Through the esthetic dimension of the pictures produced by these implements, Simon Senn reveals and questions the inevitable tension between ethic and esthetic.

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