CCC alumni association

The association gathering the former students of CCC Research-Based Master Programme critical curatorial cybermedia of HEAD, Geneva is founded on 20 June 2013. It brings together the CCC alumni students as well as the students who graduated in this programme known under other denominations. The teaching staff, the visiting lecturers and friends of the Programme are honorary membres.

The aim of CCC alumni association is to be an active partner of CCC Programme and to participate in its influence through diverse actions.

  • to assure the continuation and diffusion of critical thinking stemming from CCC;
  • to participate in the debate on artistic research and research by the means of art in a transdisciplinary perspective;
  • to create a dynamic space for discussions and meetings between CCC students, CCC alumni, artists and independent researchers aiming to share knowledge, methodologies, resources and contacts;
  • to update, enhance and distribute the research of the membres especially by using the website;
  • to activate a network of partnership to support research projects as well as artistic and pedagogical collaborations.

The association is organised in several working groups and is represented by a committee elected during the yearly general assembly.

2015-2016: Cécile Boss, Suzanne Boulet, Sylvain Froidevaux, Kate McHugh Stevenson, Denis Pernet, Colin Raynal

2014-2015: Cécile Boss, Sylvain Froidevaux, Marianne Guarino-Huet, Denis Pernet, Janis Schroeder, Laura von Niederhäusern

2013-2014: Marianne Guarino-Huet, Sylvain Froidevaux, Bénédicte Le Pimpec, Sophie Pagliai, Janis Schroeder, Laura von Niederhäusern

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