CCC Research-Based Master Programme

In the European context of Higher Education in Arts, CCC Research-Based Master Programme provides an international platform, encourages critical discourse on artistic practice and emphasizes self-reflection and analysis. The orientation fields (critical curatorial cross-cultural cybermedia studies) are integrated in a transdisciplinary and bilingual study programme (French, English).

The CCC Research-Based Master Programme is dedicated to excellence and diversity and based on an artistic practice conscious of differences in cultures and languages and concerned with the economic and political apparatuses of society. From 2000 to 2008 the CCC established a Postgraduate Study Programme conceived as the pre-figuration of the Research-Based Master Programme which opened in 2008.

Since the opening of the ProPhD Seminar in 2006, the researchers and doctorate candidates are invited to cooperate to the construction of the doctoral school. The Pre-Doctorate/PhD Seminar (2011) is complemented in 2014-15 by the Research Master MRes proposing one or two years of foundation course for the preparation of the doctoral research and aiming at the production of the PhD/thesis project.


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