Beyond the Monument

The research project Beyond the Monument: Political Mobilization, Citizen Initiatives and Art Interventions in Memorial Processes [BM] aims to explore the connection between the paradigm shift in memory politics that occurred in the 1990s (evolution of the normative framework of transitional justice) and situated art practices (from the counter-monument to interventionist, discursive and “performative” proposals) and their situation in the public space. The study examines (1) the transformation of memorial policies since the 1980s; (2) the simultaneous emergence of original artistic formats in this area at the intersection of citizen, activist and artistic initiatives; (3) the impact of developments in transitional justice on art practices; (4) the contribution of art practices in the development of memorial policies. Beyond the Monument is conceived by Pierre Hazan, Denis Pernet, Catherine Quéloz, Yan Schubert, Mélanie Borès and Mischa Piraud.