Bureau de Crise

Bureau de Crise is an open and collaborative research platform of artists, engineers, and psychologists (Geneva based) who map out privacy issues in our digital society governed by the opaque laws of surveillance capitalism. Our artistic practice aims to empower people’s knowledge in protecting its data from the dark mechanisms of both behavior commodification and data weaponization. BC seeks to cultivate a sense of autonomy based on aspirations for both individual and collective freedom in our digital realm. We operate with the need for critical debates about the effects of online surveillance and censorship techniques to take place inside of cultural, artistic and academic institutions, while also collaborating with critical communities working on strategies of resistance. To contribute to the urgent appeal of global surveillance resistance, Bureau de Crise organises open and free workshops, talks and other events in which we invite artists, activists, researchers, hackers, and NGOs to share knowledge, multiple perspectives and empowering practices. www.bureaudecrise.org