Laboria Cuboniks

Laboria Cuboniks (b. 2014) is a polymorphous xenofeminist collective, whose members include Amy Ireland, Diann Bauer, Helen Hester (who will be present), Katrina Burch (who will be present), Lucca Fraser, and Patricia Reed. As an anagram of the “Nicolas Bourbaki” group of mathematicians, Cuboniks also advances an affirmation of abstraction as an episto-political necessity for 21st century claims on equality. Espousing reason and vigorous anti-naturalism, she seeks to dismantle gender implicitly. Cuboniks is a multi-taloned, tetraheaded creature uncomfortably navigating the fields of art, design, architecture, archeology, philosophy, techno-feminism, sexuality studies, digital music, translation, writing and regular experiments with the use of evolutionary algorithms in offensive cybersecurity.