The PhD-Forum of the CCC at the Visual Arts Department of HEAD – Genève addresses candidates who intend to go through a research process in relation to a practice-led PhD in the constellation of art-led thinking, trans-disciplinary work and academic conditions.

The PhD-Forum aims to bring together a group of researchers who already have a well-advanced practice as an artist / architect / designer / activist / scientist / writer or theorist in its own rights but who seek for an environment to reflect, to take a pause, to slow down, to share and to question their work in the context of an art academy. Considering the proliferation of practice-led PhD-Programmes in the arts in the context of Higher Education in Europe, the aim of the PhD-Forum also is to contribute to a platform that reflects on knowledge production, research processes and art in the era of neoliberal imperatives such as double-qualification, project-flexibility and lifelong learning.

Like a doctoral seminar, the PhD-Forum supports those who are in the process of an application for a practice-led PhD and/or those who wish to join the Forum during an ongoing PhD-process.

During the academic year 2017/18, candidates can join the PhD-Forum administratively by enrolling as auditeur libre (fee of CHF 50.- per semester – equivalent to auditing a course) at HEAD – Genève. In the context of the CCC Programme, candidates will have the status of a CCC Research Affiliate. It allows the participants to attend the sessions of the PhD-Forum and to visit – in agreement – parallel seminars of the CCC Master Programme.

Four to six sessions will take place during one year, each session two days, partly also in conversation with other PhD-collectives. The PhD-Forum is organised by Doreen Mende with Camilla Paolino and Julia Pecheur. CCC Research Affiliates : Nick Aikens, Denise Bertschi, Enrico Boccioletti, Lucas Cantori, Kajsa Dahlberg, Paola Debellis Alvarez, Nicolas Field, Alex Murray Leslie, Sara Riesenmey, Hélène Soumare, Melissa Tun Tun and Elena Yaichnikova. Auditors : Julie Carvalho. Guests 2017/18: Gabrielle Schleijpen.

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