The PhD-Forum of the CCC at the Visual Arts Department of HEAD – Genève addresses candidates who intend to go through a research process in relation to a practice-led PhD in the constellation of art-led thinking, trans-disciplinary work and academic conditions.

The PhD-Forum aims to bring together a group of researchers who already have a well-advanced practice as an artist / architect / designer / activist / scientist / writer or theorist in its own rights but who seek for an environment to reflect, to take a pause, to slow down, to share and to question their work in the context of an art academy. Considering the proliferation of practice-led PhD-Programmes in the arts in the context of Higher Education in Europe, the aim of the PhD-Forum also is to contribute to a platform that reflects on knowledge production, research processes and art in the era of neoliberal imperatives such as double-qualification, project-flexibility and lifelong learning.

Like a doctoral seminar, the PhD-Forum supports those who are in the process of an application for a practice-led PhD and/or those who wish to join the Forum during an ongoing PhD-process.

During the academic year 2017/18, candidates can join the PhD-Forum administratively by enrolling as auditeur libre (fee of CHF 50.- per semester – equivalent to auditing a course) at HEAD – Genève. In the context of the CCC Programme, candidates will have the status of a CCC Research Affiliate. It allows the participants to attend the sessions of the PhD-Forum and to visit – in agreement – parallel seminars of the CCC Master Programme.

Four to six sessions will take place during one year, each session two days, partly also in conversation with other PhD-collectives. The PhD-Forum is organised by Doreen Mende with Camilla Paolino and Julia Pecheur. CCC Research Affiliates : Nick Aikens, Denise Bertschi, Enrico Boccioletti, Lucas Cantori, Kajsa Dahlberg, Paola Debellis Alvarez, Kodwo Eshun, Nicolas Field, Alex Murray Leslie, Sara Riesenmey, Hélène Soumare, Melissa Tun Tun and Elena Yaichnikova. Auditors : Julie Carvalho. Guests 2017/18: Gabrielle Schleijpen.

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