CCC Public – EN

The CCC Public Seminar offers a transversal platform to the CCC students and the wider public. The Public Seminars hosts debates on research questions of contemporary relevance. Each year, the CCC Public Seminar revolves around a particular approach and theme.

Public Seminar
2023-24 Research (F)acts
2022-23 Transnational Citizenships
2021-22 Curatorial Politics
2020-21 Theory/Fiction
2019-20 Critical Studies
2018-19 On Data Behaviourism
2017-18 On Practices
2016-17 Navigating Turbulences
2015-16 Thinking Under Turbulence

Seminar Articulations
02.2020 LaToya Ruby Frazier, Centre de la photographie Geneva, collaboration
01-02.2020 The many voices of les indiennes, LIYH Geneva, exhibition
2019  Transit, LIYH Geneva, exhibition
2019 T’Goit Turned Its Ovipositor Towards Me, book launch
2017  Thinking Under Turbulence, book project