Public Seminar

On Practices

The figure of ‘research’ has gained some weight of history. It once had the revolutionary promise to curtail the oppressive forces of the cultural-industrial beast of contemporary art. That which meant to be subversive, alternative and political through counter-public actions seems to have constituted new institutional standards, both in academia as well as exhibition-landscapes. ‘Research’ in the arts today is a code-word to enter study programs, biennales, PhD-grants in the arts, museum-reforms, funding applications and makes students pay tuition fee. Let’s get to work for re-articulating the politics of ‘research’ through speaking about and making practices. We have in mind a network of practices that departs from life’s complexity: language, gender, race, sexuality, geopolitics, education, class, knowledge, the climate, ecology, computation, economics, mobility, unresolved histories and – love. We do not want to hierarchize any practice against the other. Instead we investigate how research practices initiate a form of knowledge-processing that enables new thoughts to arrive: What does it need to listen, to inhabit non-knowledge, to unmaster critique, to transform guilt into solidarity and shame into politics, to face the politics of alienation, to share fear and the intimacy of reading, to engage in theory without Theory, and to dehistoricise history into contemporary narrations that matter for a migratory world, a planet on loan and real virtualities?

Navigating Turbulences