Writing Research Practice

Writing Research Practice

Çağla Aykaç

Start: 30 September 2020, 10am

The Writing Research Practice Seminar is a space where you refine your individual research project and design, build your personal archive, and work your voice. It is also a space for self-reflexivity and for understanding where and how you stand in relation to your own research, and more generally in relation to research ethics and art research practice.

The Writing Research Practice Seminar works together with the Situated Art Practices Seminar.  While you will have opportunities to discuss your individual research punctually in tutorials and with your thesis advisors (2nd year), the Writing Research Practice seminar is a space for sharing your research with other students and getting feed-back on your writing throughout your two years at the CCC.

Each session of the Seminar is constructed around a chosen theme (archive, critique, method, voice, standpoint, kinship, power, time & space,..) with common assigned readings.  For each meeting, you are asked to bring additional readings related to your own research and a piece of your own writing. The Acte de Recherche you write during this seminar will be published at the end of the year and will be used as a presentation of your research.