Writing Research Practice

Writing Research Practice

Çağla Aykaç
Start: September 25, 2017, 10am

The Writing Research Practice Seminar engages with various stages of your research project with a focus on research design and writing practices. Participants work on their own research project, develop their research questions, research design, and their personal archive. The seminar is organised around assigned readings from various fields, historical periods and geographical spaces. While exploring the infinity of possible methodologies, the seminar aims to establish a set of common principles in terms of research ethics and relations with sources. The focus is on the processes of collecting and organizing sources and sharing findings in writing. Assigned readings and group discussions of individual project include practical and theoretical considerations about the research process. Particular attention will be given to self-reflexivity and affects during the research and writing processes. The seminar is a space for students to work on their voice, their toolbox, their methods for data collection and their interaction with their sources of inspiration.