Samia Henni

Samia Henni is an architect and an anti-colonial writer. Her research and writings focus on the intersection between colonial policies, military measures, and the expanded field of architecture and planning. She teaches Research Practice at CCC since 2016. She also teaches at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung, ETH Zurich. She holds a PhD in the history and theory of art and architecture from the ETH Zurich. Her dissertation examined French psychological and spatial counterinsurgency operations in colonized Algeria during the Algerian Revolution (1954–1962). Ongoing research projects include: Paris and the Algerian Desert, which investigates French transformation and exploitation of the Algerian Sahara and the forced resettlement of nomadic populations after the Second World War; Discreet Violence, Architecture and the French War in Algeria, a traveling exhibition that scrutinizes French military propaganda visual records produced in the fifties and sixties; and the Algerian Pavilion, nomadic and mutating forms of featuring colonialism and warfare, founded in the aftermath of the approval followed by a refusal of an Algerian governmental institution to exhibit certain colonial historical episodes.