Body Horror

TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2019, 7 PM



HEAD – GenèveBoulevard Helvétique 9, 1205 Genève, seminar room 27, 2nd floor

Zach Blas, SANCTUM, Matadero Madrid (2018).
Zach Blas, SANCTUM, Matadero Madrid (2018).

Body Horror reimagines the setting of airport security through the genre of body horror cinema, with body scans and biometric meshes as key protagonists. These digital bodies—extracted from embodied persons—are inspected, prodded, and probed for the sake of risk preemption, but how do such acts come to provoke or terrify, when—no matter how violently handled— the digital renderings of securitized people appear to be free of the horrors of bodily violation?