TERMS/ES is an open format for publishing results developed from research undertaken around a specific ‘term’ or ‘termes’ by seminars at CCC. It provides the space for the formulation of new vocabularies in the expanded arts of the 21st Century. TERMS/ES is published online and in print according to the desires of the Seminar.

Actes de recherche

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The Actes de Recherche have been initiated by the Research-Based Master program CCC in 2005 to provide a space for publishing ‘a synthesis of research that has been carried out and developed during the Master Thesis as a place of research training. The an- nual edition of the Actes de Recherche intends to provide optimal conditions for a debate about ideas with the jury de soutenance [defense jury] at the end of the studies and academic year, and to ensure a future-oriented temporality of the research.’ The here present Actes de Recherche consists of short essays by graduating students (M2) and abstracts of first-year students (M1) as one element that articulates a practice, which emerges from research processes as a composite of art-led thinking, theory-driven reflections, trans-disciplinary constellations and group-formatting mobilizations.


2019/20 Project Earthseed
2018/19 T’Goit Turned Its Ovipositor Towards Me
2016/17 The Oankali Turned Its Tentacles Towards Me
2015/16 Thinking Under Turbulence