Reading Group


Camilla Paolino
Mêlissa Tun Tun

The reading group is conceived as an inclusive moment of exchange and collective questioning, developing around specific themes and readings proposed by Melissa Tun Tun and Camilla Paolino, as well as around interests brought about by students; via a multi-directional exchange it will aim at setting up a generative framework to approach textual and visual material.

During the Reading Group we will open processes of unravelling to be lead collectively and draw attention to how our material and discussions can resonate with the seminars of the CCC curriculum.

The Reading Group will vary in its manifestations, as we do not intend to approach exclusively theory in written forms, but rather experiment with different formats – always keeping an eye on practice.

We will experience together how a research community can emerge and knowledge can be produced and transmitted by means of conversation and sharing time.