Robinsoneries – journal des bords : Ana Durán

mardi 21 avril 2020


Who is it?

— Fearrrr

What do you want?

— To play with you
We’ve been playing for hours, days, weeks, I don’t know, I lost track of time.
The pressure went up and down, cold sweat, tingling, the body shakes, the energy goes up from the center of the stomach to the chest and back. Circulate. Palpita. I’m losing control!

He invited his friends, monsters and demons, aliens, deformed and disgusting creatures. Among them was also death.

He made me look so deep inside myself that I got lost, I became like them, I became a universe and nothing. Nothing, there’s nothing and whatever you want to think, there’s not much you can do.

Make art, work on something? How is it possible to do anything when you have guests?

My (His) guests refuse to leave!
Oh hell! Demons that prowl, purgatories in life. Stephen King and Lovecraft fall short.

But I’ve decided not to cry anymore and so; we danced, danced all night. Very good cumbias until we reach rhythms without logic. We deform our bodies and shape them according to the sound.
— Lines and Gestures.
We kiss and roll around for hours.

When I woke up, they were gone.

There was only peace…
For the first time I don’t care about the future.
Now it all boils down to the simplest thing.