Robinsoneries – journal des bords : Gian Losinger

dimanche 26 avril 2020



Sit in a quiet place.
Rest your hands on your knees.


Feel the warmth of the palms of your
hands on your knees. Concentrate on
your breath.


(The sensation of air entering
and exiting your nostrils. Your
abdomen rising and falling)


Close your eyes and imagine seeing
someone special again. Take time to
look them in the eyes.


(Your heart filled with the joy of
seeing them again)


Imagine embracing this person.
Feel the warmth of your bodies touching.


Feel the rising and falling of your
chests. Concentrate on how your
breathing synchronises.


Feel your hands at their back and
feel their hands at your back. Feel
your cheeks touching. The tingling
sensation of their exhale grazing
your shoulder.


Feel the balance of two bodies
leaning into each other.


This may become a very sensual exercise.