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Different levels of interventions

“Hacking” electronic toys isn’t homogeneous, as attested by these two examples, taken from (1) Game Boy Modding (a boo about to modify GameBoys) by Greg Farrell, (2) A fanzine by T.A.C.O. Team about toys hacking. While the formats of the… Continue Reading →

Cosmodule, Lyon

Had a chance to visit the Cosmodule Art R&D Lab in Lyon yesterday. Not strictly focused on recycling electronics, but still highly interesting in the way some of their projects deal with old consoles, use video game spare parts (such… Continue Reading →

Note from the flea market #1

Why blogging this? The flea market is an important site in this project. We try to visit it as much as possible, observing which digital objects are sold, their conditions, the price given by the seller, the discussions around them,… Continue Reading →

Digital media debris #1

Why blogging this? This street scene is from 2009 in Geneva. I am used to keep track of discarded digital technologies… I’ve been observing this kind of scene for more than twenty years. I realize I do have colleagues also… Continue Reading →

“it’s just an iPhone 10”

Last year I spent few days at Nø School Nevers, a summer school about “critical research around the social and environmental impacts of information and communication technologies”. This was the occasion to spend some time participating in various activities and… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

One of the many souvenirs of a repurposed digital device (The SEGA Master System II, a cost-reduced version of the Master System released in 1990) that we ran across few years ago. Certainly a good illustration of what we want… Continue Reading →

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