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“Garbage Watch”

Garbage Watch is a wristwatch “built from the tech the world threw away in the trash”. “Launching in 2022, the waiting list is now open”.

Playful repurposing of digital technology through sculpture

Game ? Advance, by Alex Custodio, is an inspiring project that repurposes digital artefacts through sculpture. The aim is both to provide a critique of “how hardware and software reproduce dominant ideologies around gender and power”, and to imagine an… Continue Reading →

“Design for Obsolete Devices” by Anaëlle Beignon

Anaëlle’s thesis addresses “the obsolescence of technology through the lens of accessibility to public services”. Her design work explores “the ageing processes of electronic devices in regards to a technological normativity that marginalizes owners of obsolete devices.” Check the PDF… Continue Reading →

“Why using old cartdriges?”

Seen on the website of Iodine Dynamics, which recently “What Remains”, an 8-bit game for the NES console (released in 1985) that blends visual novel and adventure elements: Why blogging this? An interesting project that illustrates the kind of practices… Continue Reading →

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