Selfie Mode

« Selfie Mode » designed by Vanesa Toquero Lorenzo and Hind Chammas for our design ethnography class at HEAD – Genève in 2016. After few days of fieldwork, survey and interviews with users of the selfie stick and social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., Vanesa and Hind speculated about a logical evolution of selfie practices. They designed a software assistant that help you to capture the best selfie. Bordering on rudeness but still polite, the system guides you with robotic voice, for the different steps, today marked by the gurus of cyber-ego.

A need for specifications

A pragmatic quote from Julian Bleecker’s deck of slides. It basically describes one the purpose of design fiction work, i.e. the specifications of the social/material/cultural context in which the « stuff » of the future is supposed to be used. While ethnography consists in going into depth on the everyday lifes of people in the past or present, the speculations that happens in design fiction projects generally focuses on describing the (near) future of such experiences.

Unboxing video

« Unboxing 3rd Eye » by Saeed Rad and Esmail Kamali, from our 2014 design fiction class at Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). The video shows a new type of camera and its implications for users. It uses an interesting design fiction idiom/format: the « unboxing video » which corresponds to the unpacking of a product where the process is captured and uploaded to the Web.