Artiste invité 2018/19: TAIYO ONORATO

Cet événement se répète les 1r novembre, 20 novembre, 21 novembre, 22 novembre, 4 décembre, 5 décembre, 6 décembre, 20 décembre, 9 janvier 2019 et 10 janvier 2019.

Pour les étudiant-e-s de 2ème année / 3ème année.


The city as a playground

For this project we perceive the city in its vastest definition. The city as a playground is not intended as a strictly architectural assignment – the city can act as a protagonist or simply function as background or stage.
We will start by searching for places that lack something. We will look for settings all over Geneva that offer a potential for our interventions. As you understand the project is not about doing documentary work in the traditional sense. We will make the city of Geneva our playground by the means of interventions, performances or constructions. The role of the photography is to picture theses altered sites.
It is possible to work in groups or pairs; this can enlarge your possibilities. However, if you prefer to work alone, you are advised to help each other out. It will be winter and the city will show itself as pure and naked as it gets, its charming traces of life will be less visible.
The circumstances to work outside can be unfavourable, but with preparation and the proper clothing we will have fun.
On the first day I will give a introduction on our project and show you some of my own work. Afterwards I would like to get to know you, please bring the strongest work you have done so far, along with you.
The remaining day and the day after, we will look at your work in groups of 7-8 students, while the rest of the class can already go on first location strolls around the city.
At the end of the semester we will have a presentation in the studio, every student will show a selection of what originated from The City as Playground.

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