OFFICE OF / Workshop avec Redmond Entwistle

Cet événement se répète les 26 novembre, 27 novembre, 2 décembre, 3 décembre et 4 décembre.

Pour les étudiant-e-s de 2ème année / 3ème année.

Plaza Sans titre

Office of

A workshop with Redmond Entwistle

The workshop participants will collaborate on constructing a version of the sound organ imagined by Guillaume Apollinaire in his short story « The Moon King », in which mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria is found alive in a mountain cave at the keyboard of a sophisticated sound machine; « The flawless microphones of the king’s device were set so as to bring into this underground the most distant sounds of terrestrial life ».

In Office of, the sounds of the world are substituted with the sounds of activity within the many transnational institutions around Geneva. Using multiple approaches to live and recorded sound, the participants will work as an ensemble, bringing sound from these institutions into a cinema auditorium. In this ‘Office of’, the sound will be catalogued, interrogated and combined in a collaborative spatial sound work. Taking up residence to work on the sound in this now mostly abandoned space of a mass audience, the ensemble will reflect on some of the paradoxes of representation and the constitution of audiences and citizens in a post-national, post-internet age.




Redmond Entwistle’s films strive to think recent history, its places and social issues through a radical documentary approach;replaying, rebuilding, reproducing materials into an abstract and archetypal reality. Essayistic in the most experimental sense of the word, the works are critical explorations of the relation between abstract cultural capital and historical, material site. His last film Walk-Through was the focus of solo exhibitions at Cubitt Gallery, Tramway Gallery and International Project Space. His previous film Monuments premiered in Rotterdam Film Festival’s Tigers Shorts Competition in 2010, and his film and sound work Paterson – Lodz won Best International Film at Images Festival in 2008. In 2013, short retrospectives of his work were presented at Hors Pistes (Centre Pompidou) and BAFICI (Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival), and included in the survey of UK artists film Assembly at Tate Britain. His work has been nominated for the Jarman Award 2014, and a solo exhibition of his films will be presented at MIT List Visual Arts Center in January 2015.

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