du 16 au 20 avril 2007

Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design, Geneve

George Legrady
Media Arts & Technology Doctoral Program
University of California, Santa Barbara

Artistic Expression Through Data Visualization

  L’atelier explorera l’organisation fonctionelle et esthétique de l’organisation de l’information. Les conférences et recherches internet se focaliseront sure une gamme de modeles conceptuels d’organisation visuelle de l’informataion tells qu’ils apparaissent dans diverses disciplines. Nous examinerons différentes méthodes artistiques et scientifiques qui sont utilisées pour représenter l’information visuellement.


The workshop will explore the functional and aesthetic organization of information. Lectures and web research will focus on a range of conceptual models of data visual mapping as implemented in various disciplines. We will examine various methods, artistic and scientific, that are used to represent information visually. Students will come to the course with the intent to produce a visualization based on a set of data of their choice.

Les thématiques du Workshop

What is Data Visualization?
What are methods of organization, presentation (Systems of Classification)?
Visual Narrative in Data Visualization
Computational & Algorithmic Organizational Methods


Visual Complexity
Edward Tufte
Information Aesthetics
Computational Visualization
L'image publicitaire de Barthes

5 Objects + MetaData

Objects have multiple meanings and can be classified in many ways. Present 5 objects with 4 different layers of relationships.

Weapons of mass destruction, Souad Karami
Mysterious objects at noon, Perrine Wettstein
Deconstruction, Patrick Tschudi
Stigmata, Gökhan Numanoglu
Sympathy for the devil,Cheong Kwon
Double objets, Victor Konwicki
Phantoms, Jana Korchomkina

Projet de recherche

A research proposal based on found material of interest on the internet.

La Calligraphie arabe vue par l'occident, Souad Karami
Info Aesthetics , Gökhan Numanoglu
Aesthetics of a constant in mind, Patrick Tschudi
Inspired by nature, Jana Korchomkina