The E. on the Right to Repair

Even The Economist is into repair cultures these days. In this article published todays, the weekly magazine describes the main issues at stake and interestingly reports on the fact that “the right to repair” could be a bipartisan issue:

At any rate, the watering down of ownership appears to hit a nerve both on the left and the right. “Repair isn’t a partisan issue,” says Gay Gordon-Byrne, executive director of the Repair Association, pointing out that the right-to-repair bills have both Republican and Democrat sponsors in most states. The two Nebraskans, Messrs DeWater and Mr Wills, give an idea of why this may be. One, a liberal, sees the livelihood of repair shops endangered by big corporations. To the other, more conservative, not being able to repair his tractor amounts to an attack on the “very idea of private property”. Together they make a powerful coalition

September 29, 2017 by Nicolas Nova
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