Visit of Huaqiangbei

Visit of Huaqiangbei

During the workshop we visited Huaqiangbei, the largest electronic components market in the world. The area is status as a major electronics manufacturing hub, and electronics marketplaces, sometimes called the “Silicon Valley of Hardware”. This is also the area where used and damaged smartphones from the world reappear. They are collected, and either repaired or dismantled for the refurb of the electronic parts.

Entrance door of one of the many commercial buildings in Huaqiangbei. Here millions of products are collected, recycled, and refurb across kilometers of stalls.


Someone sorting used motherboards. Thousands of craftsmen and merchants here disassemble, clean, sort, test, assemble, showcase, trade, pack, send, the recycled electronic material.


In this open space of a fifteen stories building, traders and technicians sell and refurb used electronic products. Each stall is very often specialized in one specific type of component or a type of machinery.


Machinery to verify the condition of the screens LCD.


April 11, 2018 by Anais Bloch