The TAAG Glossary offers entries and pathways for feeling, thinking about, and critically reflecting on socially caused planetary change. These “glosses” of keywords are meant to provide initial orientation to a dynamic situation of emerging knowledges and reflection, and to indicate some relevant sources and research communities; they are not meant to constitute, already or too quickly, an exhaustive compendium of completed concepts (definitions). The Glossary includes terms that are now commonly used by specialists, as well as special meanings of common terms. It also includes elaborations of terms and names introduced to TAAG researchers over the course of interviews and fieldwork in Geneva, as well as terms and concepts important to the conception, methodology, and positioning of the TAAG research project. In the context of this online Atlas, the Glossary is a place for raising tough questions; it is also a place where tensions, paradoxes, humor, and irony have been encouraged to appear. In these short essays, readers will find plural voices, diverse forms of writing and expression, and different points of view. Visual material and epigraphs suggest additional layers and vectors of meaning. Openings to transversal exploration of the interviews and other Glossary entries in this Atlas are provided at the bottom of the entries. All this said, the TAAG Glossary aims to be pleasurable, as well as helpfully informative and stimulating.

Some entries have been written collaboratively by the TAAG research group or individually by single members (the latter signed with initials: AG for Aurélien Gamboni, GR for Gene Ray, JS for Janis Schroeder, and KS for Kate Stevenson). Other entries have been contributed by members of the TAAG advisory research group and its supporting networks, or by graduates of the CCC Research-based Master Programme at HEAD – Genève; attribution of these will always include the full name of the author. Visual material or artistic works will always include an attribution note, as well as any additional notes requested by the artist. Citations in the entry texts correspond to the TAAG Bibliography on this website. You are welcome to share, to think with, and to détourn these entries, but if you cite or reproduce them please give full attribution to individual authors and artists, when these have been given, and to the TAAG project, and please mark clearly any modifications you make. All the contents of this website are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International License.