SEARCCCH is an annual journal emanating from the expanded research community of the Master CCC – Critical Curatorial Cybermedia at HEAD Genève – Hes-so.
This editorial project focuses on research through the means of art and documents the latest topics of inquiry in the visual arts scene through images, texts, and sounds. It welcomes essays and visual essays from artists, curators, and theoreticians, as well as contributions from faculty and students in a transdisciplinary manner.

Actes de recherche

The Actes de Recherche have been initiated by the Research-Based Master program CCC in 2005 to provide a space for publishing ‘a synthesis of research’.

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Other Publications

2020/21 God Turned Their Changes Towards Me
2019/20 Project Earthseed
2018/19 T’Goit Turned Its Ovipositor Towards Me
2016/17 The Oankali Turned Its Tentacles Towards Me
2015/16 Thinking Under Turbulence