CYCLE DÉRIVE #2 – Peter Downsbrough & Elke Giffeler

jeudi 10 janvier 2013, 19h00


Peter Downsbrough en conversation avec Elke Giffeler

Lines and fragments of language are Peter Downsbroughs tools to examine and re-structure given (architectural) situations/contexts. The « line » that separates, divides can at the same moment connect. It may be tape on a wall, implanted as a pipe into a landscape or printed on a sheet of paper. By placing a line (or two) Peter Downsbrough investigates the dimensions of time and place of location. With a subtle intervention he achieves a spatial experience which leads to a new approach. In combination with or without the line, the artist uses isolated words such as « AS, IF, OR, TO … » thus confronting one with multiple options of reading/understanding. It is open, sculptural, almost abstract and thereby challenges the viewer to take position.

Cet événement appartient à l'axe de travail « Cycle Dérive ».