Martin Schmitz

Martin Schmitz is born 1956 in Hamm/Westfalen, Germany. He studied under Lucius Burckhardt in Kassel. He is the author of “Currywurst mit Fritten—About the Culture of the Snack Booth” Zürich 1983. Curator of the film programme of documenta 8 in 1987. Teaching missions in Saarbrücken, Weimar and Kassel. Curator of the documenta urbana symposium “Art plans the Planning”, Kassel in 2007 and the international congress “Strollology: Seeing, perceive and plan”, Frankfurt am Main, in 2008. Editor of the books of Lucius Burckhardt: “Who plans the Planning?”, “Why is Landscape beautiful?” and “Design is invisible” (in German), and “Lucius Burckhardt Writings: Rethinking Man-made Environments”, 2012 (in English).

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