context and aim

The Programme proposes each year collective projects in partnership with local, Swiss or international institutions, communities or associations. These projects are an opportunity for the students to discover unfamiliar territories and to engage in research that are complementary or peripheral to their own study field and to create interpersonal relationships with their collaborators. Collaborative projects reach issues concerning education, international relations, intergenerational exchanges, gender politics, migration, emerging cultures of sustainability, climate change, disability. The projects are realized in different format such as conferences, displays, installations, publications, dialogical devices, posters, and other hybrid forms.

projects 2013-2014

The Attention Economy

The project is linked to the invitation to a conference on Economy of attention organized by Yves Citton at University Stendhal-Grenoble 3.

The conference is completed by a workshop on the Economy of Attention at CCC, organized by Yves Citton in collaboration with Aurélien Gamboni, Anne-Julie Raccoursier, Laura von Niederhäusern, Igor Galligo. The students present one minute films on the topic and in cooperation with Yves Citton writes short texts to contribute to a special issue of Multitudes on Objets Valuateurs Non-Identifiés, under the title: « Coalition Circulaire des Connectivités ».

The workshop is paired up with a session of the CCC Pre-Doctorate/PhD Seminar on 7, 8 and 9 April 2014, in Geneva.

Coordination: Aurélien Gamboni, Anne-Julie Raccoursier, Laura von Niederhäusern
Students: Luca Cantori, Marisa Cornejo, Suzanne Boulet, Annick Diviani, Nathalie Duc, Joseph Favre, Charlyne Kolly, Boris Malinovic, Novine Movarekhi, Charles-Elie Payré, Ignas Petronis, Colin Raynal, Alexandra Roger, Dragos Tara

Freire/Illich in Geneva
For a critical and political practice of pedagogy

The project proposed by microsillons engages to study a historical seminar organized by Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich for the World Council of Churches, in Geneva, on the 6th of September 1974.

During their research, the students meet a few protagonists of the event and read a selection of texts by Freire and Illich. Their mission is to realize a five minutes video on one of the issues raised by Freire and Illich.

Coordination: microsillons (Marianne Guarino-Huet and Olivier Desvoignes)

Students: Suzanne Boulet, Yasmeen Chaudhry, Viola Lukacs, Colin Raynal

previous projects


Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get
in partnership with the collective Save as Draft and association Utopiana: Les Résidences secondaires
Coordination: Aurélien Gamboni
Students: Lucas Cantori, Marisa Cornejo, Novine Movarekhi

in partnership with Le Théâtre du Loup, Geneva, the Compagnie Jeanne Föhn, Zooscope, and the Class F of The Manufacture, Haute école de arts de la scène, Lausanne within the context of C’est déjà demain.
Coordination: David Rüfenacht
Students: Annia Diviani, Ignas Petronis, Marianne Villière

An organized flânerie in Geneva art venues
in partnership with Cité Senior, Geneva
Coordination: Catherine Quéloz
Students: Joseph Favre, Alexandra Roger

Walter Benjamin Concept of History
in collaboration with the research project Memory Politics and Art Practices (PIMPA/PPR).
Coordination: Pierre Hazan, Liliane Schneiter
Students: Mélanie Borès, Cécile Boss

Contemporary Art Practice in Humanitarian Settings
In partnership with the United Nations, Geneva
Coordination: Hannah Entwisle, Sophie Pagliai, David Rüfenacht
Students: Chiara Bertini, Maria Adelaïda Samper, Janis Schroeder, Kathleen Stevenson

60×60 Integrated housing concept
in partnership with the inhabitants of Cité Carl-Vogt – Honegger in Geneva
Coordination: Sylvain Froidevaux
Students: Damian Jurt, Anja Spindler

Art situations
in partnership with Cité Senior, Geneva
Coordination: Catherine Quéloz
Students: Roxane Bovet, Elise Girardot


Le pastel est la couleur de la défaite
in partnership with Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, Geneva
Coordination: Aurélien Gamboni
Students: Anex, Hannah Entwisle, Bénédicte Le Pimpec et Francesco Russo

Zone d’expérience
in collaboration with participants of  Ex&Co, Fondation Clair Bois and in partnership with Regards Croisés, un forum sur la représentation publique et plastique de la personne handicapée
Coordination: Sylvain Froidevaux
Students: Antoine Aupetit, Nadia Bonjour, Maëlle Cornut, Agata Nowak, Laurence Wagner

Réseau de situations pédagogiques alternatives
in partnership with Network of Radical Pedagogy (University of Sheffield, Queen’s University Belfast, The Bartlett, The University College London, Fatale, Stockholm)
Coordination: Catherine Quéloz
Students: Valério Belloni, Fanny Bénichou, Yael Maïm

Il n’y a rien à voir
in partnership with Musée Jenish, Vevey
Coordination: Catherine Quéloz, Anne-Julie Raccoursier
Students: Merouan Ammor, Elene Naveriani, Luz Munoz, Inga Mustakallio

Mobilité participative/Participatory Mobility, la praxis de Renée Green
in partnership with Musée cantonal des beaux-arts, Lausanne (MCBA)
Coordination: Catherine Quéloz, Anne-Julie Raccoursier
Students: Antoine Aupetit, Daniel Barney, Nadia Bonjour, Maëlle Cornut, Hannah Entwisle, Bénédicte Le Pimpec, Elene Naveriani, Agata Novak, Francesco Russo, Laurence Wagner, Vana Kostayola, Mélano Sokhadze

Pédagogie multiculturelle et distributive
in collaboration with Utopie et Quotidienneté, a curatorial project proposed by microssillons, in partnership with Centre d’art contemporain Geneva
Coordination: Olivier Desvoignes, Marianne Guarino-Huet
Students: Alejandra Ballon, Giulia Cilla, Elia Eliev, Sophie Pagliai, Darya Zagorskaya


Caution Border
an intervention in and around the EU buildings in Brussels, an awareness-raising campaign accross Europe 2008-2009, in collaboration with Sustainability in Karamoja and students of the Leuphana Universität Lüneburg in partnership with Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) and Leuphana University.
Coordination: Sylvain Froidevaux, Sacha Kagan
Students: Kasia Boron, Giulia Cilla, Jenn Estil, Gael Lugaz

Edu Tool Box
publication in partnership with Halle für Kunst de Lüneburg et Leuphana University Lüneburg
Coordination: Catherine Quéloz, Bettina Steinbruegge
Students: Diego Castro, Alejandra Ballon, Tilo Steireif, Sylvain Froidevaux

24/7 Open desktop
in partnership with Shedhalle, Zürich.
Coordination: Liliane Schneiter
Students: Valérie Anex, Kasia Boron, Giulia Cilla, Cecilia Cardoso Rodriguez, Gaël Lugaz, Urduja Manaoag, Eva May, Laura von Niederhäusern, Danaé Panchaud, Jean-Marie Reynier, María Sánchez García

Crosskick, The European Art Academies Invited by the German Kunstverein
A project organized by the German Kunstverein, supported by the German Government, in partnership with the Halle für Kunst e.V. in Lüneburg
Coordination: Catherine Quéloz, Bettina Steinbruegge
Students: Marie-Avril Berthet, Diego Castro, Adrien Laubscher, Alejandra Ballón, Alejandra Ayala Prati, Sylvain Froidevaux, Luz Muñoz, Natalia Rodriguez, Tilo Steireif

La vie d’étudiant ou l’illusion d’agir en tant que groupe
in collaboration with the Freie Klasse of the University of the Arts, Berlin
Coordination by the students: Alejandra Ballon, Giulia Cilla, Sylvain Froidevaux, Tilo Steireif

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