Open Collage – Workshop in Athens

Pour les étudiant-e-s de 1ère année / 2ème année / 3ème année.

Vernissage –  26.02.2016 – CircuitsCurrents Art Space

In times of great changes of societies and considering the new social, political and cultural circumstances, the medium of collage seems, in its nature of assembling non-coherent pieces, to be a powerful tool to interpret reality by artistic means.

For one week art students from the HEAD – Genève and the Athens School of Fine Arts work on the theme of multifocality in contemporary Athens, on a personal or a collaborative project of collage that can take all différents forms and raise numerous issues.

A workshop by Nikos Arvanitis, artist, and Katharina Hohmann, artist and professor at Haute École d’Art et de Design.
With the contribution of Giannis Symeonides, journalist, Dora Economou, artist, and Giorgos Konstantinidis aka Voltnoi Brege, artist.


Project Space of Athens School of Fine Arts

Participants from Athens School of Fine Arts: Eugenia Antoniou, Asimina Archontaki, Kyrill Constantinides Tank, Kosmas Dendrinos, Aggeliki Maria Galeridi, Christos Kalogyros, Athanasios Kardoulas, Kleitia Kokalari, Nektarios Pappas.

Participants from Haute École d’Art et de Design: Loïc Bastian, Christophe Bozet, Elias Carella, Maïté Cheniere, Fanny Desarzens, William Fernandes, Claudio Loureiro Pinto, Shiva Khosravi, Bekim Sebastien Krivaqa, Lucile Pochon, Alain Pop, Gaëtan Rohrbach, Alexandre Venezia.



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