Iyapo Repository (Salome Asega + Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde)

Iyapo Repository (Salome Asega + Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde) is a resource library that houses a collection of digital and physical artifacts created to affirm and project the future of people of African descent. The collection is managed and developed through a series of workshops where participants become archivists of a future they envision. The resource library holds workshops in which participants sketch out and rapid-prototype future artifacts in domains such as food, music, politics, and fashion. These sketches constitute a collection of manuscripts. The Repository then works to bring a select few of these artifacts to life. They become technologically functional while staying true to the participants’ original blueprints. Alongside the art and artifacts collection, Iyapo Repository also hosts manuscripts, films, and rare books.

Salome Asega is an artist and researcher based in Brooklyn, NY. Salome has participated in residencies and fellowships with Eyebeam, New Museum, The Laundromat Project, and Recess. She has exhibited at the Shanghai Biennale, MoMA, Carnegie Library, August Wilson Center, Knockdown Center, and more. She has also given presentations and lectures at Performa, EYEO, Brooklyn Museum, MIT Media Lab, NYU, and more. Salome is currently a Ford Foundation Technology Fellow landscaping new media artist and organization networks. She sits on the boards of National Performance Network and POWRPLNT, a youth digital art collaboratory. Salome received her MFA from Parsons at The New School in Design and Technology where she teaches classes on speculative design and participatory design methodologies.

Ayodamola Okunseinde is a Nigerian-American artist, cultural anthropologist, educator, and time-traveler living and working in New York. His works range from painting and speculative design to physically interactive works, wearable technology, and explorations of “Reclamation”. He has exhibited and presented at the 11th Shanghai Biennale, Tribeca Storyscapes, EYEO Festival, Brooklyn Museum, M.I.T. Beyond the Cradle, and Afrotectopia amongst others. Okunseinde holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design where he serves as Assistant Professor of Interaction and Media Design.

Nontsikelelo Mutiti

Nontsikelelo Mutiti is a Zimbabwe-born interdisciplinary artist, graphic designer and educator who studied multimedia art at the Zimbabwe Institute of Digital Arts and graphic design at the Yale School of Art. Nontsikelelo Mutiti is currently Assistant Professor in Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and will be an Artist in Residence at the DAAD Programme in Berlin in 2021. Nontsikelelo Mutiti’s practice traverses the boundaries of fine art, design and public engagement concerned with the form of print and the implications of publication as a time-based medium.

Ray Brassier

Ray Brassier obtained his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Warwick in 2001. From 2002 to 2008 he was a Research Fellow at Middlesex University’s Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy. Since 2008, he has been a member of the Philosophy faculty at the American University of Beirut. He is the author of Nihil Unbound: Enlightenment and Extinction (Palgrave 2007) and the English translator of works by Alain Badiou and Quentin Meillassoux. He is currently working on a book entitled Reasons, Patterns, and Processes: Sellars’s Transcendental Naturalism.


Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez

Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez is an independent curator, writer and editor based in Paris, France. She is currently chief editor of the online platform of the European museum confederation L’Internationale (http://www.internationaleonline.org) and has been appointed curator for the forthcoming Contour Biennale in Mechelen. Since 2006 she has co-organized the seminar “Something You Should Know,” EHESS, Paris, France, and is a member of the research group Travelling féministe in the frame of Centre audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir. In 2010 she was associate curator of The Promises of the Past, Centre Pompidou, Paris, and guest curator of Paris Photo.Between 2010 and 2012 she was co-director of the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. Curatorial projects include: Show me your archive and I will tell you who is in power, Kiosk, Ghent (2017), Let’s Talk about the Weather. Art and Ecology in a Time of Crisis, Sursock Museum, Beirut (2016), Tales of Empathy, Jeu de Paume, Paris (2014), Resilience. Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana (2013). She has contributed to magazines including e-flux journal, Springerin, Parkett, Bidoun, and Sarai Reader. Between 2012 and 2014 Petrešin-Bachelez has been chief editor of Manifesta Journal.

Pascal Schwaighofer

Pascal Schwaighofer (1976) lives and works in Zürich. He graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan (2003). Recent exhibitions include La Madonna dei Tulipani Public Art in Zürich (2016); Sviluppo – Parallelo, Kunstmuseum Lucerne (2015); Voglio vedere le mie montagne, MAGA museum, Gallarate (2015); La jeunesse est un art, Aargauer Kunsthaus, (2012); Science & Fiction, Kunstmuseum Solothurn, (2011); and I was Uranium, Sils project, Rotterdam (2010). Solo exhibitions at Museo Vincenzo Vela, Ligornetto (2016); Kolumba Museum, Köln (2013); the Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris (2012); Museo Cantonale d’Arte, Lugano (2011); AR/GE kunst, Galerie museum, Bozen/Bolzano. Recent lectures include La classe sterile, with Christian Marazzi, at Museo Vela (2016); The  Fable of the Bees, at Performa Festival (2015); Tulipmania, with Jan Verwoert, at Le Foyer, Zürich (2014). He was awarded the Manor Art Prize, Ticino, Switzerland and the Swiss Art Awards (2011). In January 2016 Tulipmania was released, a publication based on a dialogue between Jan Verwoert and Pascal Schwaighofer as an extension of a multi-part work called Economimesis. In 2011 he was selected for the Collection Cahier d’Artiste, a publication series promoted by the Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia. His artworks were acquired by private and public collections in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Maral Deghati

Maral Deghati is an internationally ­seasoned professional photo­-editor, curator, and project manager based in Paris and Marseille. Maral Deghati has more than 15 years of practical working experience in photojournalistic reporting and management. With varied field experience Deghati has worked in all aspects of the industry from reportage to sales, editorial and commercial. Producing photography and multimedia narratives in collaboration with photojournalists worldwide on issues concerning developing and conflict ­stricken contexts across Asia, Africa and Europe. Today, she balances her time free-lancing between curating photography exhibitions, photo-editing, conferences on photojournalism and co-directing the annual festival of the WARM Foundation.

Andrea Phillips

Dr Andrea Phillips is PARSE Professor of Art and Head of Research at the Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg. Andrea lectures and writes about the economic and social construction of publics within contemporary art, the manipulation of forms of participation and the potential of forms of political, architectural and social reorganization within artistic and curatorial culture.