Gene Ray

Gene Ray is Associate Professor in the CCC Research-based Master Program at HEAD-Genève/Geneva School of Art and Design. He is Project Director of the ongoing HEAD/SNSF-supported collective research project The Anthropocene Atlas of Geneva (TAAG), which studies responses to a changing climate and planet among human and nonhuman assemblages in the city and region Geneva. Ray is author of Terror and the Sublime in Art and Critical Theory (2005, 2010), co-editor of Art and Contemporary Critical Practice (2009) and Critique of Creativity (2011), and author of essays for journals including Third Text, Brumaria, Nordic Journal of Aesthetics, Left Curve, Historical Materialism, and Yale Journal of Criticism.  His current individual research explores embodied relations to place and the more-than-human, and reflects on modern processes of eco-genocide by constellating settler-colonial histories and legacies, extinction, art, critical theory, and Indigenous knowledges. This research is informed by practical collaborations with the Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples and artist-activist Rozalinda Borcilă. His writings in this context, in South as a State of Mind 8 and South as a State Mind 9 for documenta 14 (2017), try to activate and transform the positionalities of his South Florida settler background, and seek ways of bearing, through language and other politicized practices, the embodied knowledges of local eco-genocide.