Pratiques artistiques situées

Pratiques artistiques situées
Situated Art Practices


Anne-Julie Raccoursier, Tarek Lakhrissi

Start : 5 octobre 2020

The CCC ResearchMaster Program  promotes artistic research. It transforms the conception of artistic practices and develops independent information through the study of critical sources and formats. It explores the role of art in society and considers artistic practice as the production of organic knowledge in the context of production. The seminar, taught throughout the curriculum, is conducted in close collaboration with the Writing Research Practice seminar. It offers training in the methodologies of research through the means of art and allows students, based on discussions around their projects, to build devices to make their research public. It promotes a conception of research that is mutualized and step-by-step. It is based on a conception of artistic practice that is conscious of the differences in cultures and languages and concerned with the economic mechanisms of society and their political dimension. It develops critical, analytical and visionary strategies and encourages interventions – both individual and collective – with multifaceted meanings in a wide range of formats and situations. Research is carried out in technical reproduction media and experimental formats. The artistic practice is situated, discursive, interventionist, politically engaged and transdisciplinary. The Program supports art engaged in the public sphere or in civil society, understood as theater of debate and deliberation, as an intermediary place between private space and institutions.